Top Considerations for Location, Placement and Quality of Your Security Cameras

One of the best decisions you can make concerning your home's security is installing a video surveillance system. However, the installation location, placement and quality of your security cameras are essential factors to consider. So what's the best location to place your security camera? What about the quality? Well, here are a few insights to guide you when installing your surveillance cameras: The Entry Points  Indeed, not all home break-ins happen in the same manner. Read More 

Beginner Tips Regarding Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras

Employers continuously worry about the safety of employees and business assets. It forces them to hire security personnel or install surveillance equipment. Investing in a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system has proved effective in enhancing the security of business premises. Although CCTV technology has been in existence for decades, its continued development has made it a vital security system for small businesses. One such innovation in CCTV technology is the Internet Protocol (IP) camera, which sends digital signals via wireless networks or ethernet cables. Read More 

Top Tips When Choosing A Security Alarm

Alarm systems are one of the best ways to enhance your home and business security. There is a wide range of security alarms available today. As such, people often get confused when comparing the various brands. Below is an article discussing the considerations to make when choosing a security alarm.  Manufacturing Company You will need a reliable and durable alarm system. Therefore, conduct some research or consult with security experts to identify companies that manufacture durable alarms. Read More 

Here Is What You Need to Learn About Motion Sensors for Your Security System

Motion sensors are a critical component of your home's security system. However, not many people outside the security systems industry have enough knowledge of these systems. Essentially, motion sensors detect an intruder's movements and send signals to the control panel for risk assessment. The intelligent control panel responds by triggering or suppressing an alarm depending on the nature of the signal. In this way, the system mitigates false alarms while ensuring that your perimeter remains secure. Read More 

Why Install a CCTV System Today?

Although CCTV systems have been protecting business premises and homes for many decades, the technology that is used in them has advanced in recent times. In turn, this means that the effectiveness of a security camera installation will be even better than you might have previously expected. If your idea of a CCTV system is one of a grainy image collected on a worn-out VHS cassette with still images that only progress once every few seconds, then you will need to think again. Read More