Why Install a CCTV System Today?

Although CCTV systems have been protecting business premises and homes for many decades, the technology that is used in them has advanced in recent times. In turn, this means that the effectiveness of a security camera installation will be even better than you might have previously expected. If your idea of a CCTV system is one of a grainy image collected on a worn-out VHS cassette with still images that only progress once every few seconds, then you will need to think again. What is it about modern security cameras that makes them so much more effective?

  • High-Definition Imagery

The current generation of security cameras provide a much higher level of detail than older ones. Not only are cameras smaller, making them less obtrusive, but they also capture high-definition images that you can zoom in and out of to truly see what is going on. This makes it easier to detect crime, as well as providing law enforcers with the evidence they need to track down culprits and bring them to justice.

  • Digital Storage

Another important aspect of digital video cameras operating in a CCTV setting is that you no longer need videotapes to store their images on. In turn, this means being able to record and store all of the captured imagery on a computer or a removable hard drive for future reference. Not only will this mean that you can capture smooth-flowing video that isn't jerky, but it also means being able to keep everything you record in the cloud without taking up storage space locally.

  • Remote Access

As well as security cameras being able to transmit the images they capture wireless over nothing more than a Wi-Fi network, you can also see what is being recorded without the need to be physically present. If you want, then you could access your CCTV installation securely over the internet and even have images relayed to your smartphone if you wish.

  • Thermal Imaging

Finally, some of the best security cameras around now have thermal imaging. This technology works by picking up on the radiated heat that everyone gives off rather than simply relying on the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, otherwise known as light. A thermal body temperature camera will help you to detect someone who has disguised themselves, perhaps wearing something that makes them appear to be a shrub or a bin, for instance. With their body heat being easily detectable, such ruses are rendered useless.

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