Top Considerations for Location, Placement and Quality of Your Security Cameras

One of the best decisions you can make concerning your home's security is installing a video surveillance system. However, the installation location, placement and quality of your security cameras are essential factors to consider. So what's the best location to place your security camera? What about the quality? Well, here are a few insights to guide you when installing your surveillance cameras:

The Entry Points 

Indeed, not all home break-ins happen in the same manner. However, some of the most vulnerable places that burglars target are the entry points on your home or business premises. When installing your security cameras, remember to place some at your front and back doors, as well as other entry points on your building. 

The Height from the Ground or Floor

Another crucial consideration during the placement and installation of your security cameras is their safety. When located within easy reach, a criminal can try blocking, tilting or damaging the equipment. Therefore, consider placing them at least nine feet above the floor or ground when installing your surveillance security system. That makes it hard for intruders to interfere with the security cameras. 

The Installation Angle

The angle of the security cameras is also a key factor to consider. Where do you want the cameras to point? What about the zooming and panning capabilities? If you choose surveillance cameras with a limited field of vision, then train them on specific trouble points. 

However, security cameras with excellent rotation, zooming and panning capabilities should be placed in more open locations to monitor wider angles. Such areas might include your backyard, foyer or parking lot. Importantly, be mindful of any obstructions that might interfere with the camera's visibility. 

Hidden or Visible?

You can choose to install your security cameras and keep them either concealed or visible. Some people prefer hidden cameras while others like them exposed. Those who think hiding is better can argue that the intruders might be caught unawares and a clear picture taken while in the act. Those who think leaving cameras exposed is much better argue that it's an excellent burglar deterrent. All the same, whichever method you choose always boils down to personal preference and what you find workable. 

The Camera's Image Quality 

Finally, always choose security surveillance cameras with high image quality. After all, what's the point of having a video recording of a burglary event if you can't get crystal clear images? Your best choice would be high-definition (HD) video cameras with up to 1080p resolution. 

Ideal security cameras should also feature real-time video recording capabilities of at least 30 frames per second (fps). Such cameras guarantee sharp and precise images. They also guarantee high-quality video footage should the security agencies require a review of the evidence.