Are Your Doors as Secure as They Could Be?

Your doors act as the portal to your home. As much as you'd love to believe only you or your guests will use them, thieves may take their chance too. Because of this, your doors may need a security system that keeps them extra safe. Here are some features you may want to consider.


CCTV serves a range of purposes when it comes to doors. Placing your CCTV in obvious view can act as a deterrent for those trying to gain entry. If your camera is directed towards the place where someone would stand when knocking, it may also deter scam artists and unwanted callers. If you're aiming for a high-tech security system, try a doorbell that comes with a camera too. That way, you can review who is ringing your door before you choose to open it. Some doorbells come with apps, so you can also review who's around when you're away from home.

Monitored Alarm

You can try an alarm system that activates when someone opens your door and you're not expecting them to. While you're at home, you can deactivate the alarm system. When you're out, you can activate it and use a code that stops it from sending an alert when you open the door yourself. Choosing a monitored alarm means that if the alarm activates for a certain period of time, a security service will receive a notification. When this happens, someone will go to investigate the intrusion. These types of alarms also work well for windows. If someone does try to gain entry and they hear the alarm, there's a chance they'll flee the scene.

Fob Access

Fob access involves using an electronic key fob to unlock your door rather than a key. The system is similar to when you receive an access card for your room at a hotel. This type of system is more difficult to break through than a traditional key lock, as criminals cannot pick your locks. If you do lose the fob, you can contact the company providing the access and ask them to revoke it. This process is faster than calling someone out to replace a barrel. If you do use fob access, consider adding a key safe to your property with a spare fob. And always make sure you revoke the access of any former housemates or lodgers who you no longer wish to access your property.

For more information on security systems, contact a company near you.